laparoscopic partial Gastrectomy for GIST tumor of stomach

Performed laparoscopic Partial Gastrectomy for stomach tumor that involves removal of  part of a  stomach along with the tumour using laparoscopic technique.This is  first such operation  in prakasam district.

penetrating chest trauma with Lung protruding out

A rare instance where a person had a penetrating injury to the chest by a bull that lead to  lung protruding out from the chest.Patient was taken for surgery and the defect in the chest has been repaired after that lung has been reduced in to the chest cavity.

Social Awareness Program for AP police on Acid Peptic diseases

Social Awareness Program in Ongole on Acid Pectic Diseases. 

15 kg ovarian Tumor Removed

Successfully removed 15 Kg ovarian tumor from a Woman.

Removed the largest small intestinal tumor in the world published in Literature

Removed the Largest small intestinal tumor in the world published in literature till date.the tumor measured 30 x 11x 13 cm approximately.It has been accepted for Publication in the Limca book of Indian records.

Laparoscopic gastric Fundoplication for Hiatus hernia

Performed laparoscopic Gastric fundoplication for the first time in Prakasam district.This is a challenging surgery requiring expertise in upper GI surgeries.The stomach which got pushed in to the chest need to be brought back in to the abdominal cavity and fixed during this surgery.

Laparoscopic Diaphragmatic Plication for Diaphragmatic Eventration

Performed laparoscopic diaphragmatic Plication for Dipharagmatic eventration surgery for the first time in Prakasam district.The diaphragm gets thinned out and the abdominal contents migrate in to the chest cavity and do not allow the lung to expand making it difficult for breathing.The diaphragm needed to be repaired for the person to attain his full breathing capacity.

Laparoscopic Esophageal Surgery(Hellers Cardiomyotomy for Achalasia Cardia)

Performed laparoscopic esophageal surgery for the first time in Prakasam district.Achalasia cardia is a very rare disorder where the esophageal muscle get thickened and obstruct the food from entering the stomach.The patient has reccurent vomitings of the food he has ingested.Surgery involves correcting the defect and there by widening the passage for the food to enter in to the stomach smoothly.


Achieved a rare feet of entering in to the limca book of records by removing the largest small intestinal tumour in the world.